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Advantages Of Living In A 55 And Over Community

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When you reach the point in your life that you are close to retiring and your kids are all raising families of their own, living in a community of people your age and with similar lifestyles can be nice. While not everyone wants to live in a fifty-five and over community, there are some advantages to it that you might want to consider. 

People Your Age

One of the best things about living in a community of people that are over fifty-five is being able to connect with people that are in a similar place in life as you. Often, these are people who will have similar perspectives, and they typically share some of the same struggles as you. 

Having the company of people that do understand you and can share some of the same things in life can make day to day living more pleasant. The people you make friends with in a community of people in your age group may add to your life in ways that you never thought about before. 

Peaceful and Quiet

Because these communities do not allow younger people to live in them, they are often quieter and more relaxing for the residents. Young adults are often starting families, and while kids are wonderful, having kids running around the neighborhood can generate a lot of noise. 

Low Maintenance

In many of these communities, the properties are maintained by the community, so you do not have to do it. In some communities, like a mobile home park, you may rent the lot and have to maintain your yard, but there are also plenty of communities, such as condos or apartments, that you do not have to worry about yard work.

Along with the lawn care, in a community that has condos or apartments, general repairs and maintenance on the buildings is a function of the maintenance staff. If you have a problem in your home, you can call and have maintenance come and fix it for you. 

Location and Convenience

Many times, fifty-five and over properties are located near shopping and healthcare facilities, making it easier for you to get to the places you need to go. A grocery store within walking distance is nice because you can get some exercise and get a few things for your home at the same time. 

Healthcare can start to be an issue as we get older, so having doctors or a hospital nearby is a bonus and is often an advantage that these communities provide. If you are thinking about a fifty-five and over community, visit a few in your area to get a better idea of what they can offer you and if it would be a good fit for your lifestyle. 


25 February 2020