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Own a Business? Why You Should Make the Switch to Smart Locks


As a business owner, you want your building to be as secure as possible. That's why security starts with the types of locks to use on your door. Consider making the switch to a smart lock system for the following reasons. 

Crime Deterrent

One reason to consider smart locks is that they will act as a crime deterrent to other people. If someone tries to illegally gain access to your building or a specific room within it, seeing a smart lock on a door is going to make them think twice. It is not the typical lock with a cylinder that can be picked and will make someone think that your business has high tech security devices within the building as well. If someone thinks they can pick your regular locks, the smart lock may cause them to think otherwise.

Easy Re-keying

If you ever had an employee leave the company or lose a set of keys, you are already well aware of how big of a problem it is to change the locks. You'll need to hire a locksmith to change the locking cylinder on every single lock that the person's keys worked on, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Smart locks will allow you to easily change the locks without creating a huge hassle. Disable a key fob in a matter of seconds with no additional cost to you as a business owner. 

Avoid Lockouts

One of the problems with a traditional key is that it is the only way to gain access to a building. Lose the key and you are completely out of luck. With smart locks, you have multiple options to gain access to your building to make it convenient for you and your employees. You can use key fobs or numerical passcodes. Some smart locks even allow smartphone access with an app, so you can let people in remotely if they do not have their key fob on them. This gives you some much-needed flexibility and convenience.

Access Logs

Ever wanted to know if employees have arrived or left for the day? Smart locks can provide you with access logs that tell you who has entered the building and at what time. This is a great way to keep tabs on who is at your business when you are not around and have a log to go back and reference if you need to review it for any reason.

If you're ready to try smart locks, contact services like The Lock Shop to learn more about the process. 


25 February 2020