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Finding a Medical Facility Property to Relocate Your Practice

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Just as the needs of your patients are often complex, purchasing a medical facility property to relocate your practice requires an equally multifaceted approach. From location convenience to the functionality of the space, there are a variety of factors to take into consideration.


The goal is to have your patients make the transition to the new location with you. When a business relocates, it's impossible to satisfy everyone, but the greater your effort, the more patients you will have satisfied than not. Look for a location that is easy to locate. For example, a location near a highway exit is a lot more accessible than a building in the middle of a residential zone. Patients don't always feel their best when they visit your office, so make getting to your office as convenient as possible. 

Mixed Developments

Mixed developments are commercial buildings that house a variety of business types, such as a medical clinic, accounting firm, and real estate office in one building. There is nothing wrong with this type of structure, but it's not for everyone. Problems commonly arise in these settings when the businesses are on opposite sides of the spectrum or when the parking ratio of the building is not on par with the amount of traffic each business experiences. Sick patients don't want to fight to find a parking spot. Make sure the building can accommodate every business in the building comfortably. 

Proximity to Care

For practices that participate in network-care programs, it's typically a good idea to be mindful of the location's proximity to other care providers in the area. For example, a family medicine provider that typically refers their pregnant patients to a specific obstetrician should try to find a location that is within the other provider's area. This type of accommodation is not mandatory, but it does add to the level of patient care that you can provide, in that you make the inter-referral process easier for patients. 


Be mindful of the level of privacy the location does or does not provide, as this factor is important in certain medical professions, such as plastic surgery. Plastic surgery has gained a great deal of acceptance in recent years, but there are still a considerable number of patients who would prefer to keep their procedures confidential. Consequently, a plastic surgery practice on a busy street or intersection is probably not the most ideal location. 

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26 February 2020