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How To Choose The Perfect Housing As A Travel Nurse

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While working as a traveling nurse, one of the ways that you can profit is by saving money on travel nurse housing. In some cases, in addition to being paid a generous hourly wage, you will also receive free housing accommodations. Therefore, if you're trying to make as much money as possible, you will want to find the perfect travel nurse housing for you.

Avoid Booking Fees

Look for travel nurse housing that does not come with booking fees. If you will be placed directly by your travel nurse agency, you may not have to worry about even booking your housing. However, if you are given a stipend pay and are allowed to choose your own housing, you will have more flexibility regarding where you will stay.

Find Out How Long You Can Stay

Find out how long you will be allowed to stay at the housing. The period in which you can stay should be compatible with however long you intend to work for a particular hospital. One advantage of signing a shorter lease or booking for a shorter stay is that you can relocate if you aren't happy with your housing much sooner.

Look for Pre-Furnished Properties

You'll be able to save even more money and avoid the hassle of moving furniture if you can obtain housing that is already pre-furnished. The property should be verified and screened so that you know that it will meet your standards.

Find Out How You Must Pay

If you will be paying, find out how you will be able to pay before being reimbursed by your travel nurse agency. Some houses allow you to pay online. Find out if you can choose auto-pay so you have one less responsibility to worry about. Make sure that you can pay through credit card or money order and avoid housing that requires you to pay through a wire transfer or cashier's check.

Research the Crime Rates

One advantage of choosing your own housing is that you can search the crime rates for your zip code. Then, you can choose a zip code that has had a lower number of reported crimes. Speak to anyone who is already living in the community to find out if they feel safe.

Ask to See the Property

Reputable travel nurse housing agencies will show pictures of the property. They will also allow you to see the property before you book or sign a lease. If you are not given these opportunities, make sure to look elsewhere.


26 February 2020