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Selling Your Single-Family Home? 3 Staging Tips You Need Now

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Like plants and animals who become more active in spring, the warmth also quickens the real estate market as homeowners rush to put their homes up for sale. But rushing too fast to do so can be a mistake, especially if the home has not been properly prepared to withstand the critical views of qualified, highly motivated buyers. 

Homeowners who take the time to properly stage their home to ensure it will be seen in its best light are often able to garner more buyer interest and receive better offers than sellers who rush to market without proper preparation. If you are interested in learning more about staging your home to sell, here are three tips to get you off to a great start. 

Expand the look of small rooms

If you are preparing to sell your single-family home, it is a sure bet that you have already deep-cleaned and organized each room. But sometimes cleaning and organizing are not enough to make small rooms look larger and more inviting. 

Homeowners facing this dilemma may be doing so because they either have too much furniture crammed into a room or there are very large pieces that overpower the space. Professional home stages correct this problem by either removing most of the furniture and leaving only enough to provide one attractive grouping or by changing out large sofas, chairs, or tables for ones that are smaller and less bulky in design. 

Improve interior lighting

Another staging trick that helps to make any home more attractive is to replace harsh lighting with softer, more natural-looking options. Many light bulb manufacturers now offer special bulbs that provide attractive, natural-looking light, as well as helping to dispel shadowy areas. Homeowners with harsh lighting or shadowy areas inside their home should consider investing in new bulbs that produce attractive, natural-looking light 

Power away exterior grime

Homeowners who have been focused solely on improving the interior of their homes may have failed to notice that exterior surfaces, such as decks, patios, siding, and driveways are looking disheveled and grimy after a long winter. 

A few hours with a borrowed or rented power washer and some attention to detail will help homeowners wash away built-up grime on exterior surfaces, as well as dead leaves, and debris that can make a home look sloppy and unattractive to prospective buyers and their agents. This is also a great time to clean the roof's surface and make sure that guttering is clean and free of debris. 

Prospective sellers who want to learn more about staging their single-family home for the best possible selling experience can do so by working with an experienced, resourceful real estate listing agent in their area. 


26 February 2020