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4 Tips to Help With Your First Permanent Change of Station

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When it comes to being a member of the military, you have to be prepared to move on short notice. You may be given four months' notice or you may only be given a few weeks to get ready to move across the country. Here are some tips for handling your first permanent change of station.

1. Have a Moving Fund

When you are a military member, moving is just a fact of life. You need to be prepared for this by starting a moving fund. It is smart to put aside even a hundred dollars a month into a moving fund so that when it comes time to move, you will have money for the move. A moving fund can also help you get through the non-military spouse having to quit their job and find a new one in your new location. A moving fund is a smart thing to have and will help you get through the entire moving process.

2. Go Through Everything

As a military family, you don't want to have a lot of junk that you carry around with you from one location to the next. As a military family, it is important to weed all the junk out of your life so you are only moving the items that you want.

As soon as you get your change of station, or if you know what your contract is coming to an end and a move is likely, start going through each room of your home. Have a yard sale and donate the remaining items. Don't just go through the nick-nacks; carefully consider if you want to move the current furniture that you have to a new location.

3. Figure Out What You Want

Next, you need to figure out what you want in a home. This will make the home buying process a lot simpler. Sit down and create a list of the features that you like most or don't really want in your home. Then, create a list of additional features that you would want in a new home.

When you find a real estate agent, share this list of home needs with them so they will know what you are looking for. As you will be looking for a home from a distance, it can be really helpful to have a detailed list of what you want and need in a home, as well as what you don't want.

4. Hire a Professional

Finally, you need to hire a military moving specialist. When you have to move hundreds or even thousands of miles, it can be really helpful to have someone guide you through the experience. They will make sure you take care of the little and big things, such as booking a mover, gathering all the necessary paperwork, and transferring important files such as your kid's school information and your medical files.

When it comes to your first military move, rely on these tips to have a good experience. For more information, contact services like Becky Hancock Realty.


2 March 2020