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Things To Consider When Shopping For A Home With A Pool

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Buying a home that already has a pool is a benefit you can appreciate right away. You don't have to design and install a pool yourself, and if you buy a home where the pool was cared for well, you don't even have to worry about added maintenance other than common pool requirements once you make a purchase.

If you're set on buying a home with a pool, let your realtor know so they don't show you properties lacking this water feature. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you've made these considerations regarding pool homes.

Pool fencing

Ideally, any home you buy that has a pool will have a fence already around the structure. This creates a safety barrier for children, pets, and other unattended people and is a necessity for safe homeownership. Not all homes will have a pool fencing, but this doesn't mean you cannot consider them. If there's a home you like with a pool but no fencing around the water feature, talk to your realtor about having a basic fence added around the pool as part of your buying conditions.

Pool maintenance history

A swimming pool can be an expense to repair and maintain if it's not been given a lot of maintenance by the current or past owners. Ask to see a report of current pool maintenance from the owners of any pool home you're considering. You'll need this information anyway as you'll want to know who the pool has been serviced by in the past and the common maintenance needs of the pool itself.

Any homeowner who cannot provide a history of pool care should be willing to have the pool inspected as part of the sale. Your real estate agent can help work out a pool care report so you can feel confident in buying any home with a pool.

Pool customizing

The more custom a home's pool is, the more you can benefit from this feature, particularly if a pool is your main reason for buying a home in the first place. Look for water foundation features, custom lighting, custom decks or pool linings, and other custom features when looking at multiple pool homes for sale to help you narrow down your options.

Have the pool inspected right before buying your new pool home, even if the pool has had a recent inspection or maintenance report. You want the most recent pool care report for the home you're buying so you don't have any surprises coming with your purchase.

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10 March 2020