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Recommendations to Ensure a Successful Rental Property Business

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You may realize the many benefits of a rental property once you understand what it takes to find and keep a successful rental property. But to help you build on the property's equity and benefit from positive cash flow, you should know how to find a good property and find and keep good tenants. Here are some recommendations for you to help make sure your rental property is a success.

1. Check for Cash Flow

During the purchase process or after you have acquired rental property, looking for positive cash flow is one of the most important parts of ensuring your property does not put you in the hole financially. As you shop for a rental, you can use a cash flow analysis sheet to calculate a rental's potential before you should even consider buying it.

It is helpful to know what a property's potential mortgage expense will be, including the property's annual tax bill and the property hazard insurance bill. Divide these costs into a monthly expense so you can calculate the cash flow. Then, along with the property's maintenance costs and utilities, it is your goal as a property owner to have extra money left over from the rental income. 

Look online and make some calls to find out how much similar properties are renting for and to determine an accurate rental rate for your property before and after you purchase it. Rental rates can fluctuate, and it is helpful to know what you can realistically charge in the market without deterring new renters. Do some periodic research to make sure your rental rate is competitive and know if you need to adjust it.

2. Find a Good Property Management Team

Many areas of managing your own rental property can be time-consuming and difficult, especially when you need to research the rental rates to ensure your property stays in the black. A property management team can help you complete this and many other tasks.   

When you find and hire a property manager, you will free up your time to put toward activities geared toward acquiring new rental properties. You will be able to do what you do best and your property manager likewise. For example, your property manager will have a constant check on the market rent rates and know how much a specific property can be rented for. They will also be able to market your property, take calls on it, and schedule timely showings to find the right tenant for you.

Your property manager will also screen your new tenants to make sure they are capable of paying the rent and have a good rental history. Then, if your property needs emergency maintenance, you don't have to handle it on the weekend or in the middle of the night because your property manager will have a team to help them handle the maintenance service calls.


11 March 2020