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Should You Choose An Apartment Unit Near The Community Pool? What To Consider

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On a hot summer day, there are few things as refreshing as a plunge in the pool. So, if you live in an apartment with pool access — you're all set. However, it's important to remember that living in a community with a pool and living in a unit near the pool isn't quite the same thing. If you're weighing whether or not to choose an apartment unit near the community pool, here are some factors to consider.

Pool Hours vs. Your Schedule

Contact the management office to find out what the pool hours are before you make your decision on the unit. Based on this information, ask yourself whether or not the pool hours work for your schedule. For instance, for someone who works at night, a busy pool during the day might disturb their sleep schedule. Make sure that the pool hours won't affect your comfort level in your home. 


When you tour the property, check out how much privacy you have. For example, in many poolside units, both the patio area and pool-facing windows give everyone a view inside your apartment. If you're someone who likes to allow in natural light, but you don't want everyone to see inside your home, this location might be problematic. A unit that is close to the pool, but not pool-facing might be a better alternative.


If you're someone who heads to the pool practically every day, a unit closest to the pool is convenient. With a unit this close, you can get to and from the pool faster, so that you can spend more time enjoying the area. The same is true if you have teenage children who enjoy spending time in the pool. However, if you're someone who doesn't spend much time in the pool, this level of convenience might not be necessary. 

Pool Access

Look at the layout in terms of access around the pool. For example, is there a fence that separates the apartment building from the pool, or can someone walk straight from the pool deck to one of the lower-level patios? If there is no separation between the areas some pool-goers could get relatively close to your personal living area, which might make you feel uncomfortable. This factor is one that comes down to personal preference, so think about what makes you comfortable when it comes to pool access. 

Keep these factors in mind as you decide whether or not an apartment unit near the community pool is right for you. 


11 March 2020