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Buying A New Golf Course Home? Potential Problems To Consider

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If you love a good game of golf, the idea of shopping for your next home in a golf course community is sure to be an exciting one. But like any new home, the purchase of one situated on a golf course is likely to represent a major financial investment. Because of this, it is wise to purchase only after gathering as much information as possible.  

If you are ready to begin shopping for this type of home, you can use the information below to help guide your search process and make a more informed decision.  

Understanding the importance of a well-managed HOA

The homeowner association (HOA) is critically important to every household that lives in a development. HOA's that are managed properly and fairly can help to protect home values and make the entire area safer and more enjoyable to reside in. 

However, not all HOAs are well-managed, so it is important for prospective homebuyers to request copies of all HOA restrictions, covenants, and conditions that will apply. It is also wise to seek out the opinions of several current residents in the development to determine if the HOA is seen as being managed fairly. 

The financial health of the HOA is also important. Homeowners who note a large number of vacant homes or visible signs of neglect in common areas within the development may be seeing signs of a poorly managed HOA. Purchasing a home where a poorly managed HOA exists can impact owner satisfaction and later resale values. 

Understanding the potential problems with outside players

If the development where you are looking at available golf course homes allows outside players to use the greens, you will need to factor in whether or not their presence will limit your use and enjoyment of the course. If the outside play is allowed only in strict time frames or in small numbers, then this might be okay. However, if outside play is allowed daily or for unlimited players, you may find yourself unable to enjoy your new home to its fullest potential. 

Understanding the potential privacy issues

Another factor that must be considered when purchasing a home in a golf course community is privacy. While walking out your back door with your club in hand to hit a few long balls can seem like the ultimate dream, finding that other golfers are doing the same within a few feet of your home can feel like an invasion of privacy. Avoiding this situation might be as easy as choosing to purchase a home situated one or more tiers back from the course, instead of one bordering the greens. 

To learn more about the elements associated with the purchase of a home in a golf course community, partner with a real real estate professional who offers verifiable experience with this type of property. Contact a real estate service for more information about golf course homes


12 November 2020