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Buying A Property To Use As A Dental Practice

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Many dentists wish to operate in buildings they own. Consider the following factors if you are in the market for a property you can use for your dental practice. 

Size and Layout

The available space should meet all your space needs. For example, you may need space for:

  • A reception
  • IT room
  • Mechanical room
  • Laboratory
  • Sterilization room
  • Staff break room
  • Storage
  • Treatment room

The size and nature of your practice determine how much space you need. However, you should not underestimate your space requirements. If anything, a little overestimation won't hurt because you might find out you forgot to account for something after the purchase.

Don't just focus on the square footage figures; the property layout should also accommodate your business. For example, the reception area is the first room patients enter when they come to your practice, so it should accommodate several people. The treatment or examination area should be some distance from the reception.


Some dentists depend on referral patients, while others must convert passersby into patients. Your dental practice should be visible to passersby if you don't depend on referral patients. As such, you need a building with adequate foot traffic or in a busy street. Ideally, your practice should be visible from the ground level so that motorists and pedestrians can easily spot it.


Local zoning laws determine whether you can operate a dental practice in an area. Confirm that you can operate the business in the location before signing the lease. Zoning laws regularly change, so you should not work with past knowledge.

Consider a zoning variance if you find a suitable building, but the zoning laws prohibit dental practices in the neighborhood. A zoning variance is an exception to zoning regulations that allow you to operate without violating zoning laws.


Evaluate nearby tenants for two main reasons. First, your immediate neighbors (within the same or adjacent building) who are dentists will compete with and affect your business. Secondly, tenants whose businesses might not agree with your target demographic might turn away your patients. For example, parents might be wary of a family dentist operating next to a bar.


Lastly, evaluate the parking space and regulations. You need adequate and lawful parking for your patients and employees. If you cannot get dedicated parking, evaluate the traffic patterns in the area and confirm that the shared parking is enough for your expected visitors.

Hopefully, the information above will help you acquire a building that meets all your practice's needs. Don't forget to involve an experienced commercial realtor to ensure you don't overlook something crucial.

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8 May 2023