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3 Critical Signs That You Have Bed Bugs And Not Fleas


Do you wake up in the morning with itchy welts on your body? Are you suspecting that your home has somehow been infested with fleas but flea treatments just aren't working? While it's possible that your home does have fleas and the treatments just aren't working, it's also equally likely that you actually have bed bugs in your home. For the uninitiated, the initial symptoms of flea infestation and bed bug infestation can look the same. In reality, however, they are definitely different. Some signs that you have bed bugs and not fleas include the following.

Timing of bites: Fleas are sometimes the most active in the evenings and mornings, but you're most likely to get bitten by fleas throughout the day. In contrast, bed bugs are nocturnal. They will only bite you at night, and they prefer to hide during the day. The first step to bed bug control is confirming that you do, indeed, have bed bugs. The timing of exactly when and where you get the bites is one crucial aspect of this, whether or not you are able to find any actual bed bugs right now or not. 

No response to pest products: One thing about bed bugs that makes bed bug control so difficult is that they are resistant to most pest control products you might find in the store. If you had fleas, the fleas would start to die off with the use of flea and tick sprays, flea traps, and so forth. Although fleas can also be difficult to eliminate, they are still easier than bed bugs to get rid of. In order to fully eliminate your infestation, you're going to need to call in a professional who will have access to products and methods that you simply can't find in the store but that will get rid of the bed bugs relatively quickly.

Strange sheet staining: Bed bugs don't just bite you briefly and then run back to their nooks and crannies. They will drink substantial amounts of blood, relative to their size, in order to be able to produce as many eggs as possible. Even with egg production, there will be a substantial amount of blood left over that the bed bug must excrete somehow. If your bedsheets have tiny bloodstains or look like they have tiny chocolate stains, it's time to call in a bed bug control professional. Fleas don't leave the same kinds of stains, so you can generally be confident that you're dealing with bed bugs if you find these.

To learn more, contact a company that does bed bug control.


19 February 2020