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Selling A Luxury Home? Make Sure It Has These Features Buyers Desire

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You've lived in your luxury home for a while, and it still feels very luxurious to you. However, the market can change a lot in a few years, and buyers right now are probably looking for different features than you were looking for when you bought your home. Before you put your home on the market, consider these features buyers desire, and think about making a few changes if your home does not currently have these features.

Smart Technology

You never realize how simple smart technology makes life until you start putting it in place. Features like a smart thermostat, smart refrigerator, and smart lights are even popping up in non-luxury homes these days, so you had better make sure your higher-end home has them! An easy approach is to have an electrician or appliance specialist who is used to working with these services come out and assess when you need to upgrade. You'll probably just need a few key appliances and a hub to get your home up-to-date.

Spa-Style Bathroom

Bathrooms these days are beginning to resemble spas more and more closely. You might want to do a little bathroom renovation and add some spa-like features like a soaking tub, heated towel bars, and heated floors. Floors are usually heated by running hot water pipes beneath the floor, so you will likely have to replace the floor to make this update, but it's worth it since it looks very luxurious to home buyers.

Exercise Room

Home gyms have long been a staple in luxury homes. These days, however, things are actually becoming more consolidated. Instead of a big gym with lots of various equipment, homebuyers are valuing efficiency. An exercise room with amenities like a sink, television port, and cooling fans is a nice luxury. Homebuyers can bring in their own treadmill or other preferred equipment, so don't worry too much about what equipment you have in your exercise room for now. Just make sure it has the "bones" to be a good space.

White Lighting

This is one is really simple: light with any sort of yellow tint is out, and white lights, which look more like natural light, are in. Go through your home and replace any yellow-tinted lights with white ones. If you have any older fixtures that do not take newer bulbs, replace those too.

With the features above, your luxury home will be poised to sell.


16 March 2020