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Moves Are A Certainty. Let A Military Home Relocation Agent Address The Uncertainties

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The lifestyle of an active-duty service member is very stable. You never have to worry about whether or not you'll lose your job. Therefore, your finances are also very stable. And since active-duty service members train for specific job roles, you never have to worry about not knowing your job. In fact, your skills and proficiency will only improve with time. But here's something else that's also true for service members: You can count on packing up your household to move every few years.

Whether you get your new assignment every few years, or whether you get a new assignment after an extended period of time, very few service members serve out their entire career in the same location. Part of the sacrifice to your country is uprooting your family, selling your house, and going through the process of finding a new house in your new military hometown. 

You'll need a smooth commute to and from your assigned base

There's no such thing as telling your supervisor that you were late to work due to the long or crowded commute when you're an active-duty service member. So it's important that you find housing that allows you to experience as smooth of a commute to your duty station as possible. At the same time, you don't want your commute back home to take too long after a long hard day of working on the base. 

It's also important that you're relatively close to your duty station because this is where your support systems are. You'll want to to go the commissary for food. If you have kids, you'll want to enjoy the variety of off-duty activities that the base has set up for families, such as the bowling alley, the movies, or shopping at the Base Exchange. You might also prefer going to the base chapel instead of churches in your new community. 

Your kids might go to school in the local community

While it's common for your duty station to provide public schooling, some service members prefer to place their children in community public schools. A military relocation agent knows all of the school districts in the area, and they'll point you and your children in the right direction. 

Make sure that you live within driving distance of off-duty fun

If you've been stationed near a large city, then you'll have no problem finding activities during your off-duty hours. But if you've been stationed in a rural area, then finding things to do might be more of a challenge. Military home relocation services can ensure that you find housing that's in reasonable driving distance to activities and venues that you and your family can enjoy during your free time. 

No matter how long you're currently serving on active duty, you'll need to find a realtor with boots on the ground in your new location. You'll have all of the normal considerations that any service member who is also a spouse or parent would have. While you'll probably find an abundance of real estate agents in your new location, it's best to work with an agent who specializes in military relocation. 


11 May 2021