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Tips To Help You Find The Right Off Campus Student Housing

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As you start out your upcoming school year with arrangements for your student housing, it is important to find the right location that is within budget but also provides for your needs and comfort to help you do well with your university studies. In consideration of all the different variables that go into choosing the right student housing, make sure you complete a thorough search and complete evaluation before you sign a rental contract. The following provides you with some tips to find USC off-campus student housing.

Evaluate the Location

One of the more important details when looking for off-campus housing is the location of the housing in relation to the campus and your classes. When you are a student, you may not have personal transportation to get you from your apartment to your classes, so you may rely upon your own feet or student campus buses. But to make your daily commute easier, make sure the off-campus housing is just off-campus so you don't have far to travel each day. 

This can also be helpful if you go home in the middle of the day until you return to classes later. It is also helpful to find off-campus housing that is in a quiet residential area where you won't have to worry about loud campus parties or other activities that might disturb you during your study time.

Check the Unit

Once you have narrowed down the right location of your off-campus housing, check out the actual student apartment to evaluate its condition and situation. Is the apartment part of a student unit situated within a home with a shared common area, such as the living space, kitchen, and bathroom? This type of setup can provide you some privacy where you reside with other students who want to live in a similar environment off-campus. Other types of student apartments may be single apartments similar to a studio apartment or one-bedroom unit, where you have your own private space with a kitchen and bathroom with a private entrance that is only accessible by you. 

However, look at what inclusions will come with the housing and if you need to bring any furnishings. For example, will the apartment come furnished with basics, such as a bed, desk, and kitchen table or will you need to provide these? A kitchen in your apartment provides the opportunity to prepare meals at home to help save on your food budget. Another consideration is if the rent includes internet with WiFi and cable or if these need to be set up separately when you move in. Talk to the property manager so you can answer these and any other questions.


8 April 2022