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Pros And Cons Of Selling A House "As Is"

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Selling a home "as-is" refers to selling a home in its current condition without making upgrades or staging the house (making it look its best to potential buyers). Learn a little bit more about why someone might sell a house "as-is" and the pros and cons of selling a home "as-is". 

Pros of Selling a Home "As-Is"

One of the main reasons to sell a home "as-is" is to sell it quickly. 

On average, it takes 22 days to sell a house. It will also take a substantial amount of time to make repairs and stage the house. 

Another major reason to sell a house "as-is" is due to a lack of upfront funds. Many people don't have the money to make repairs. They probably also don't have the funds to maintain the home or pay the mortgage as the sale is finalized. 

Cons of Selling a Home "As-Is"

One of the main reasons that people prefer to take the time to upgrade and stage their home, even if it takes time and money, is because the house will sell for a higher price after the repairs. 

When homeowners make the right repairs, it can be worth the extra time staying at the property. 

Who Should Sell Their Home "As Is?"

There are numerous people who prefer to sell "as-is" and see a benefit from the process.

If you inherited a home in an estate, selling "as-is" can eliminate costs associated with the inheritance and put cash in your pocket right away. 

People who already have a new house and can't afford two domiciles may prefer to sell their house for cash as is. 

Finally, if the repairs will cost more than the house is worth, it doesn't make sense to make those repairs. The buyer will likely buy the property and tear down the house. 

Who Should Not Sell "As-Is"

You should not sell your home "as-is" if you have a home you consider an investment. It will be worth it to put the time and money into the repairs. 

You also can't sell a house "as-is" if there are things about the house that make it inhospitable. You will need to make certain repairs, such as mold removal, before you sell the house. 

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29 November 2022