Hiring Event Security for Your Wedding


It may seem strange to hire a bouncer for your wedding. To be fair, the role isn't so much a bouncer as a firm but discreet and efficient helping hand to provide peace of mind on your important day. So, think not so much of the image of the big, gruff, burly guy straight out of central casting who's tossing unruly bar patrons out into the back alley. Instead, picture well-groomed staff, dressed in black-tie attire and blending in perfectly with the guests in attendance.

26 February 2020

Own a Business? Why You Should Make the Switch to Smart Locks


As a business owner, you want your building to be as secure as possible. That's why security starts with the types of locks to use on your door. Consider making the switch to a smart lock system for the following reasons.  Crime Deterrent One reason to consider smart locks is that they will act as a crime deterrent to other people. If someone tries to illegally gain access to your building or a specific room within it, seeing a smart lock on a door is going to make them think twice.

25 February 2020

3 Critical Signs That You Have Bed Bugs And Not Fleas


Do you wake up in the morning with itchy welts on your body? Are you suspecting that your home has somehow been infested with fleas but flea treatments just aren't working? While it's possible that your home does have fleas and the treatments just aren't working, it's also equally likely that you actually have bed bugs in your home. For the uninitiated, the initial symptoms of flea infestation and bed bug infestation can look the same.

19 February 2020